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Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, I hope it has given you a suitable guide to the sort of society we are. From socials and speakers to political campaigning, and even supporting you to stand as a local Councillor, it is fair to say that we offer an awful lot.

It has often been said that EUCA is a social society first, with a little bit of politics on the side. We are proud to be a small ‘c’ conservative association which comprises a wide array of views and so I am confident that you will find your niche. Our members fall at various points across the conservative spectrum and this is something I am proud of. Whilst we are not affiliated with the Conservative & Unionist Party, there are a group of members interested in campaigning on their behalf and so this is something we offer. I can therefore assure you that whatever your political views, you will find fine company in our society. And on the days when politics is the last thing on your mind, and you simply need a pint (or three) in The Ram, we will be there with you.

It is my very strong wish that you find a home in EUCA. Our socials are designed to bring like minded people together – I am sure, like so many of us in EUCA, you will make friends for life. I would strongly encourage you to take out membership in our association via the Guild website. This automatically subscribes you to our mailing list so you are invited to all of our exclusive member-only events.

There is plenty on offer this year, as you will no doubt gather from our Term Card. Our fine Speaker Secretary is lining up some fantastic political bigwigs whilst our Social and Publicity Secretaries are hard at work planning a calendar of top-rate events. Our much anticipated Winter Ball was, in 2019, held at the incredibly grand Great Fulford. Be assured, the committee and I are working diligently on finding an equally impressive venue for this year. After all, we have a whole years worth of missed merrymaking to make up for! Tories love to dress well, and our General Secretary is no exception. Keep an eye out for EUCA-apparel in the form of ties, pins and quarter zip jumpers.

So, come and say ‘hello’ at our socials, take out membership and follow us on social media! I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Every best wish,


EUCA Winter Ball 2019
"Left-wing people find it very hard to get on with right-wing people, because they believe that they are evil. Whereas I have no problem getting on with left-wing people, because I simply believe that they are mistaken"
- Roger Scruton


Alfie S. Carlisle


Samuel P. Barnett

General Secretary

George R. Smith

Deputy Chairman – Membership and Finance

Harry Johnson-Hill

Deputy Chairman – Political and Campaigning

Matthew D. Slaughter

Social Secretary

Edward M.J. Barradell

Speaker Secretary

Edward Raine

Welfare and Diversity Secretary

George R.G. Baker

Freshers’ Representative

Nathan T.M. Hines

Campaigning Secretary